Claims Preparation & Dispute Resolution

We have experienced Claims Professionals who know how to prepare successful construction claims

Difficulties and disputes often arise on projects and how they are dealt with can greatly influence results obtained.

Sebenico Group are expert in the identification and analysis of contractual entitlement and provide strategic support services including the analysis, quantification, presentation, management and assistance with resolution of contractual claims.

Sebenico Group assists clients with the determination of appropriate actions to take should a claim be identified and the earlier a claim is identified the more options may be available to mitigate the potential associated risks. We are experienced in the forensic assessment of information and at tracking, identifying and responding to large quantities of information that from time to time can form the basis of a contractual dispute in order to establish the actual expenses incurred associated with a claim.

Every claim whether submitted by employer or contractor, necessitates an independently considered approach, We can assist with the identification and development of a tailored approach for all types of claims including:

  • Security of Payments and BCIPA/BCIFA Claims
  • Variation claims,
  • Schedule delay and disruption,
  • Extension of time and prolongation,
  • Changes to scope of work,
  • Amendments to construction methodology,
  • Instructed acceleration,
  • Change to site conditions, unforeseen conditions,
  • Management issues, inadequate direction etc,
  • Assessment of force majeure events,
  • Defective and deficient contract documents,
  • Wrongful contract termination or suspension,
  • Breach of contract claims etc,

Sebenico Group is qualified in the quantification, presentation and valuation of construction damages including:

  • Cause and effect analysis,
  • Assessment of direct damages,
  • Prolongation and extended project costs,
  • Expanded project costs,
  • Labour productivity loss or disruption,
  • Cost escalation
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