Cost Management & Control

Proper construction management ensures your peace of mind

cost manage control

Our project construction managers have extensive experience in developing and tailoring master cost and schedule management procedures that provide a global view of related, concurrent project tasks. These procedures facilitate efficient retrieval of global and individual subproject information to produce integrated project and subproject progress reporting.

Experienced construction management ensures better visibility for your project

Earned Value Management (EVM) integrates project scope, schedule, and cost parameters. Our expertise in project construction management and controls provides a more accurate measurement of performance throughout the life of the project. We promote collaboration and partnering that allow for better visibility and understanding of project data.

Sebenico Group utilises EVM systems to critique and measure a projects forward progress. With EVM in place, Sebenico Group can assist any owner or contractor in monitoring cost and schedule performance to identify whether a project is behind/ahead of schedule and under/over budget.

Value Engineering (VE) improves value without sacrificing quality or function by assembling a cross section of professionals who analyse project plans and requirements. VE relies heavily on team building, effective communication, and efficient decision making to reach creative solutions. By working together, the VE team often arrives at unique approaches to specific construction elements that satisfy usage and aesthetic needs, but that trim costs.

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