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Proper project control prevents project issues for you

pro core software

Successful projects begin when proper planning and procedures are implemented systematically with an ultimate goal of achieving predetermined objectives. Sebenico Group project management plans are supported by project control processes that monitor work and identify whether the work is proceeding according to plan. To make that determination, project control personnel assess the data and determine actions to prevent or correct issues.

Project complexity, organisation maturity, team experience, cost, project importance, and other factors determine the level of project control needed. Excessive project control can cause project costs to spiral upward and divert resources from more important tasks. Lax project control can lead to delays, errors, political repercussions, and lower-than-expected project quality.

Sebenico Group develops project controls systems that include the internationally accepted project management software PROCOREOracle Primavera P6PlanSwift Pro Metric 9.5Cordell Platinum Professional Estimator and CCS Candy.  Our project manager’s customise the applications to suit individual project needs.

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